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Saturday, 17th Feb. 2024

19.30 | Sargfabrik

 Friedrich Ludwig Dülon

Lichte Klänge aus einer dunklen Welt

Thursday, 21st Mar. 2024

19.00 | brick-15 

The Future of the Past 

Hommage à Sara Levy


Friday, 21st Jun. 2024

16.00 | TheaterArche 

Freyen Muthes durch die Welt 

Kinderprogramm für 6-9 Jährige 

With the project series HORIZONS, we aim to make "Early Music" tangible to the Viennese audience through three of our most innovative musical programs in a new and contemporary context.

The main goal of our project series is to explore, experiment, and stimulate the direct experience of 18th-century music through innovative approaches. Our concerts are characterized by diverse concepts, including sensitization of senses, fusion with other music styles, concert formats with audience participation, theater, comedy, and addressing various themes such as the role of women in music history, contemporary compositions for historical instruments, the influence of blindness in music, and more. The goal is to create concert experiences that anchor Early Music and its sounds in the present.

Through the multifaceted nature of our project series, we broaden the spectrum of audiences for classical music, advocate for the cultivation of a long-term audience, and simultaneously provide a space for cultural exchange.

The concert series HORIZONS is organized by ensemble freymut in cooperation with Sargfabrik, brick-15 and TheaterArche and funded by Stadt Wien Kultur. 

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